Full automatic production line

Super Auto Duct Line 2

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Super Auto Duct Line 2=Auto Duct Line 2+Auto Pittsburgh Lock Forming.


Super Auto Duct Line 2 Can Upgrade To Super Auto Duct Line 4.

ADL-2-Super can complete TDF flange forming, cutting sheet metal  for angle steel flange and Pittsburgh lock forming. This line can be combined with Duplex TDF flange forming machine and Pneumatic folding machine to form a highly efficient linear duct production line.
Max feeding speed is 13m/min; length tolerance is ±0.5mm; diagonal tolerance is ±0.8mm.
With material saving mode and standard mode.
Chinese and English language can be easily converted.

1. A decoiler (2 coils; max loading per coiler is 7 tons)
2. A material guiding frame
3. A main machine
4. A movable pittsburgh lock forming machine
5. A CNC System

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