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Super Auto Duct Line 4

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Super Auto Duct Line 4 =Auto Duct Line 2 + Auto Pittsburgh Lock Forming + Auto TDF Flange Forming + Auto Angle Steel Flange Forming.


Super Auto Duct Line 4 can complete uncoiling, leveling, grooving, Clipping, Pittsburgh locking, TDF flange forming on both sides of the metal sheet/angle steel flange forming. Compare with the Auto Duct Line 5 , this line has the advantages of small occupation area, easy to operate, high efficiency and low capital investment and can be used for on site production.Duct Forming Machine 4 is a standard " mini line 5".
Max feeding speed is 12m/min. Length tolerance is ±0.5mm, diagonal tolerance is ±0.8mm.
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1. 2pcs of decoilers , 4pcs of 7 tons coils
2.  A material guiding frame
3.  A main machine
4.  A movable pittsburgh lock forming machine
5.  A material transferring platform
6.  A duplex angle steel flange forming machine
7.  A duplex TDF flange forming machine
8.  A CNC System


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