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Auto Duct Line 4

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Auto Duct Line 4 = Auto Duct Line 2+Auto Pittsburgh Lock Forming +Auto TDF Flange Forming.


Auto Duct Line 4 can complete uncoil, leveling, grooving, Clipping, Pittsburgh locking, TDF flange forming on both sides of the metal sheet. Compared with the Auto Duct Line 5, this line has the advantages of small occupation area, easy to operate, high efficiency and low capital investment and can be used for on site production.Duct Forming Machine 4 is a standard " mini line 5".
Max feeding speed is 12m/min. Length tolerance is ±0.5mm, diagonal tolerance is ±0.8mm.
Chinese and English can be easily converted.

1.  2pcs of decoilers,4pcs of 7 tons coils
2.  A material guiding frame
3.  A main machine
4.  A movable pittsburgh lock forming machine
5.  A material transferring platform
6.  A duplex TDF flange forming machine
7.  A CNC System

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